A number of folks got in touch yesterday with some variation on the message, “I hope you’re doing okay. I’m sure today’s events seems especially upsetting to you after what happened on Tuesday.” The messages were kind and thoughtful, and I’m grateful.

But I admit it’s hard for me to think my experience is all that important. The events in Newtown are so horrific I feel almost guilty about the idea I deserve even a moment of sympathy. Don’t think about me, my gut says. Think about those mothers and fathers in Connecticut.

But, of course, you are. I know that. And you’re thinking about your own children, and your families, and your friends. We’re all thinking about how fragile our lives are, and how much hope we have for our loved ones.

In the end, one horror does not erase another. This isn’t some race to the bottom, a kind of twisted onedownmanship where only the most horrific experiences count. And yes, I was and remain extra twitchy after yesterday’s events, even if my own experience wasn’t as bad. So thank you for thinking of me, and thank you for thinking of others. If nothing else, I take away a greater sense than ever we’re all in this together.

And what of yesterday? I’m not a praying man, but whether you are or aren’t, I have to think this powerful and heartbreaking tweet captures what so many of us are thinking.


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