I can’t say as it’s been a long time coming, since I seem to do a web site refresh about once a year. But the whole “move out of the ancient world of HTML  to a CMS platform” thing is something I’ve been meaning to do for centuries, but am only just now getting around to. And, of course, as will all things web, it’s a moving target.

One thing you might notice is the domain name isn’t www.billcameronmysteries.com. There’s a reason for that. Way way back in the deeps of time, I registered bill-cameron.com as my “business” domain name. (“Business” is in quotes there because, ha ha, me and business. Hilarious concept.) I’ve used it for my day job for about 13 years now. When Lost Dog came into existence, I started up billcameronmysteries.com to keep the two sides of my life separate. At the time, that seemed to make sense, as I wasn’t sure what my graphic design and web dev clients would think of all the swears in Lost Dog.

The thing is, except for an email address and some hidden, client-only directories, bill-cameron.com doesn’t get used. It’s been a one-page website for most of its life. Plus, most of my clients now know about my writing and have come to terms with the swears. So I finally broke down and moved over to WordPress for this site refresh, I decided it was time for the twain to meet.

At the moment, billcameronmysteries.com resolves to my existing writing half of me web site. Shortly, it will resolve to this location as well. I want to make sure I’ve ported all the content over to this site first—about 90% done now, but there are some outstanding tidbits. Once that happens, I’ll keep both domains. My day job email will keep going to bill-cameron.com and my writing fun and friends email will go to billcameronmysteries.com. But there will just be the one web site. Old links will resolve to their proper spot in the new architecture. Zowie.

You’ll see that link up above for Design and Web. That’s the day job me, which, I have to admit, features a fair number of swears too, but mostly in the privacy of my graphic design lair (the kitchen). But most of the site is dedicated to the writing side of me because that’s the part of me which is most public. It is also the part of me which is the most sweary.

I am what I fucking yam.