The first time I saw a Skin tag was on the mailbox outside Rain or Shine Coffee House. I don’t mean to imply I favor vandalism, but I did feel an immediate thrill. While I doubt the tagger knows anything about Skin Kadash, for a moment I could pretend he was not only real, but had gone on a mad graffiti jag.

Then, of course, the tiny and mostly atrophied serious side of me thought, “Mr. Skin Tagger, what you did is very wrong. Now let me take a picture of it.”

The Skin tag has been painted out.Today, when I stopped in at Rain or Shine for beans and a cappuccino, I saw the graffito had been painted out. Alas, it was a quick job with paint that didn’t really match. I think it looked better before the Skin tag was eradicated. Maybe I’m biased though.

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