Frank demands scritchesFrank is our new family member—and a bundle of floof and attitude he most certainly is. He’s a rescue cat, about two years old. Beyond that, we don’t know too much about his history.

What we do know is he’s spirited and affectionate, though still a little startled by the sudden life change which came about when his previous human had to move abruptly. He found his way to us through an intermediary who didn’t know his former people well, so details are thin. The main thing we know is he needs a home and we’re happy to give him one.

Frank the Writer CatWe’re giving him a few days to get settled in, and then we’ll take him to the vet early next week for a full check-up. He appears healthy, and he certainly has the energy to barge around and stick his nose into things, or flop over and demand scritches. He also has a vertical leap that could land him a spot in the NBA. He also has a lot to say for himself, such that though he came to us as Frank, I’ve referred to him as Talky McCatface many times already.

Now, you might be wondering how the Dark Poodle of the Apocalypse and Lord Tyrant Editorial Cat feel about the new addition. Sadly, I must report they both died last year of complications related to the ailments of old age. Perhaps you are shocked to learn this now, nearly a year after the kitty passed and ten months after the doodle. To be honest, it hit us both very hard, and we spent a long time grieving. Time passed, and it just didn’t feel like something I was ready to talk about. We still miss them both very much—they were part of the family for a long time. But as spring came this year, we both felt it was time to add to the family again.

Hello, Frank!

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