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Property of the State by Bill Cameron

Property of the State

At times, we may all dream of escape. For Joey Getchie, that moment comes when a trouble at school leads to a violent clash with his foster father. But on the run and in hiding, he learns how tough it can be to go it alone.


Looking Back at A Day in the Life

It was in 1980 that I really heard “A Day in the Life" by The Beatles for the first time. At Medicine I Didn’t Know I Needed, I write about that moment and what it meant to me. On May 7th, I'll be joining others to share similar stories an an event featuring readings...

No Fooling

This month at YA Outside the Lines, the theme is Foolish Things. Check out my own contribution, No Fooling, in which I tell the tale of a prank that almost went wrong in the worst possible way.

Kirkus Star for Property of the State!

Secret news no longer secret: Property of of the State gets its first review, and it's a star from Kirkus! An eminently satisfying series opener for mystery fans who want their downtrodden detectives to be appealing, clever, and unafraid of action. (Mystery. 14-18)...

I’ve Joined YA Outside the Lines

Today marks my beginning at YA Outside the Lines. I join a fine group of young adult authors, many of whom are new to me—so yay, new books to read!  Each month, we tackle a new topic. This month, it's Words: faves, catch phrases, and more. Check out my inaugural post,...

Planetary Update

Planetary Update

A while back I posted about the Pluto Situation, and in that post I mentioned the then forthcoming New Horizons mission. Well, of course, New Horizons has completed its fly-by of the Pluto system, and as I think most of us hoped, we learned lots of amazing things...

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