Lost Dog

Rocky Award Nominee and Spotted Owl Finalist
Book 1 in the Skin Kadash Series

The Skin Kadash Series:

Lost Dog

Chasing Smoke

Day One

County Line

Early on a sodden Portland, Oregon morning, Peter McKrall, unemployed smart-ass and kleptomaniac, goes to the park to find his niece’s lost toy dog. He doesn’t realize his search is being watched by the paranoid killer of the dead sex worker he finds instead.

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2008 Spotted Owl Award Finalist
2008 Rocky Award Nominee

Peter McKrall is at a crossroads—out of work, fighting a klepto habit, and trying to figure out his next move. Life takes an unexpected turn when a search for his niece’s stuffed dog leads him to something else entirely: a bullet-riddled corpse.

Talking to reporters lands Peter on the local news, which turns out to be a dangerous spotlight. And now Darla, the troubled daughter of the victim, is reaching out to him—but can she be trusted? When a second murder takes place and evidence is planted in his trash, the cops dredge up Peter’s painful history. The only ray of sunshine in this harrowing nightmare is Ruby Jane, owner of the Uncommon Cup cafe, whose warm smile and hot coffee melts the winter chill.

An unwitting player in a bizarre chain of events, Peter has no idea that the deranged killer is after him—until he takes a shot at Ruby Jane. Set against the sodden backdrop of Portland, Oregon, Lost Dog tells of the intersection of one man’s struggle against and another’s embrace of powerful and self-destructive impulses.

What's Up With eBook Versions

At this time, Lost Dog is available only on Kindle. Alas, I do not hold the digital rights to Lost Dog, so I have no way to make it available on other platforms. However, I do have an .epub version which I created myself. If you have an ebook reader which uses epub and would like a copy of Lost Dog, please email me. I will be happy to send you a copy at no charge.
Lost Dog is an excellent debut filled with suspense, surprises, and memorable characters—and it captures Portland’s quirkiness particularly well. I predict we’ll be hearing more from the talented Bill Cameron.

Lost Dog is a beautifully written and masterful work of character-driven crime fiction. One of the most fascinating and compelling main characters I’ve read in a long time. A bad guy real enough to smell. A plot that fits together like a puzzle. “I was starving for a personal story. Give me real people. Give me a story with truth. As soon as I started Lost Dog my heart began to beat faster. This was the book I’d been craving.

With deft story telling and compelling characters Cameron spins a wonderful yarn. Enthralling with all too fragile characters, Cameron has the skills of a seasoned vet.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about Lost Dog until I realized I’d been holding my breath for several pages. . . Its damaged characters and cold locale make Lost Dog extremely compelling.

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