Kadash Chronology

What follows is a listing of the complete Kadash cycle, books and stories, in chronological order. A few life milestones are included along the way.


“Heat Death”
Appears in the July/August 2015 issue of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine

Day One (early events)

Lost Dog

Cancer Diagnosis

Chasing Smoke

Cancer in Remission

“The Missus”
A standalone short story featuring both Skin and Joey Getchie

Retires from Portland Police Bureau

“Coffee, Black”
Appears in Portland Noir

“Sunlight Nocturne”
Appears in Deadly Treats

Day One

“The Last Ship”
Appears in West Coast Crime Wave

County Line

“Daisy and the Desperado”
Appears in Murder at the Beach: Bouchercon Anthology

Property of the State
Skin has an unnamed cameo

Revisions are when you get to get to move the darts onto the bullseye while no one is looking.

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