County Line

Winner of the Spotted Owl Award
Book 4 in the Skin Kadash Series

The Skin Kadash Series:

Lost Dog

Chasing Smoke

Day One

County Line

The discovery of a dead man in Ruby Jane Whittaker's tub leads Skin Kadash on a frantic search through the haunted past of the woman he loves.

Published by Simon and Schuster

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Winner of the 2012 Spotted Owl Award

When the steadfast Ruby Jane Whittaker drops out of sight, dogged ex-cop Skin Kadash sets out to discover what drove the woman he loves to leave her life behind so suddenly and without explanation. The discovery of a dead man in Ruby Jane’s apartment and an attack by a mysterious stalker send Skin from Portland to California — and into a charged encounter with her one-time love Peter McKrall.

As questions mount and answers grow increasingly out of reach, Skin and Peter cross the country on a desperate journey deep into Ruby Jane’s haunted past — and toward an explosive confrontation which will decide their future.

Contemporary sharp-edged noir doesn’t get much better than Cameron’s mournful novel featuring ex-cop Skin Kadash.

Nothing’s soft about Cameron’s dark tale, but a surprising tone of compassion tucks itself into the narrative. It’s a perfect fit for Archer Mayor and William Kent Krueger fans.

Cameron has written a thriller that makes you want to turn the page faster and faster. He has also written a sensitive story about a young girl from a dysfunctional family who has more troubles than someone her age should have. Cameron’s writing easily and poetically handles the transition from Skin’s story to Ruby’s, from then to now. This is a story that will linger.

Murder by the Book

Cameron spins a fine web of a story that builds upon itself, revealing secrets and twisting in unexpected directions.


A captivating story inhabited by characters who will stay with you.

With twists and turns, mystery, drama, suspense and compelling characters, County Line is a book you won’t want to put down!

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