A couple of weeks back, I found myself tagged in the Lucky Seven meme. At that time, I choose to share from my current novel-length work-in-progress, a young adult mystery.

Well, lo and behold, my friend, the very talented author, Laura Benedict tagged me a second time. My first instinct was to link back to the original post, but since I’ve been writing a short story the last few days, I decided to share again from that.

The Missus” is a short story featuring Skin Kadash. It takes place about a month after the events of Chasing Smoke, and as it happens is peripherally linked to the YA mystery novel I shared in my first Lucky Seven post. In that novel, mention is made of an unnamed cop who solved a crime which took place five years before. That cop, as it happens, was Skin. “The Missus” tells of the investigation from Skin’s point of view.

From page 7* of “The Missus”:

“Foster parents are supposed to check in whenever anything serious happens. There’s individual discretion, obviously, and I sure as hell don’t want my phone ringing for every stubbed toe or screaming fit. But a runaway? Then waiting two days—?” She blew through her teeth. “Mr. Yearling said he didn’t want to bother me. He thought he could find Joey on his own. Using his super police powers, I suppose.”

“I see.” I licked my lips. “You don’t like cops.”

“That’s not it at all.” Anger radiated off her in the infrared. “I love good cops.”

So many others have already been tagged in the Lucky Seven meme I can’t seem to find anyone new to nail. So I encourage you to check out Laura’s choices (all fab folks) as well as those I tagged previously.

*In Laura’s version of the meme, one is to choose from page 77 of your current WIP. “The Missus” ends on page 21, so I chose from page 7 instead.