A critical development in my personal life story has occurred. I have acquired an laminator. Things will never been the same.

Because they will be laminated.

Good reviews? Laminated.

(Bad reviews? Okay, not laminated.)

Pictures of the Dark Poodle of the Apocalypse? Laminated.

Hilarious fortune cookie fortunes? Laminated.

You get the idea.

Below, I document my first thrilling adventure in lamination. There will be many more to come, I’m sure. Not that I will necessarily document them. Though I might, if they’re really cool. Which they will be, obviously.

Prepping the first lamination

Prepping the first lamination: To initiate my new laminator into the magic of lamination, I shall inflate my already bloated ego.

The Insertion

The Insertion: Upon warming up, the green light on the laminator tells me to “Stick it in.” Hmmm, that sounds kinda porny.


Ejection, not ejaculation. Warm, slightly steaming ejection. Hmmm, still kinda porny.

The Majesty

The Majesty: And yet, look at it. LOOK AT IT! … It’s beautiful.