A new friend on Twitter asked me a question the other day, and it got me to thinking.

To know you better, who is the one person who, living or dead, inspires you?

My answer was a cheat, because I gave him two names. But honestly, it’s a tough one no matter what. As soon as I think of one name, another one pops into my head. And then another, and another. The next thing you know, I’m linking five hundred names to their websites or Wikipedia entries, and I’m far from done.

Still, I did give him those two names, and as I’ve been thinking more about it, I decided I would tell everyone. Because you’re all anxious to know, right?


Maybe not, but when did that ever stop me.

The first name was Courtney Summers.

Courtney inspires me for her talent, her sense of humor, her love of Supernatural (which I share) and of The Walking Dead (which, I confess, I don’t share). She’s an amazing writer whose four books to date have all blown me away and are all high on my recommendation list. The way she engages with her readers through her Tumblr is a model many of us could emulate. I believe I’ve learned from her as a writer. I encourage everyone to read her work and have a chat with her on Twitter.

I think I’ll save the second name for a future post, and perhaps over time I will add names to the list. Without a doubt there are many, many for me to choose from.