I’ve jumped on the home brewing bandwagon, and so far I have successfully avoided poisoning myself. Last night I tasted my first attempt, an American Pale Ale. In order to do it right, I designed labels for the bottles (based on this) and using the name Boo Bear Brewing for my “brewery,” as suggested by my wife. We also acquired excellent burgers from The Burger Guild, a food cart not too far away (highly recommended, Portlanders).

So how was the beer? My honest, completely unbiased assessment of Boo Bear Pale Ale was: pretty good, but with room for improvement. It had good body and flavor. Quite quaffable. However, it never developed any carbonation to speak of, so it leaned toward the flat side of things. I think I overdid the bittering hops by just a touch but underdid the flavoring hops. Still, I’m pleased with my first attempt.

Tomorrow I bottle my second batch, an ESB. Then in about a week, another taste test!