Not long ago I got some good news. Both County Line and Day Out will soon be available as audiobooks. I don’t yet know the release dates, so I haven’t said anything, but I have learned the recording for County Line will begin in a few weeks. Earlier today, the narrator emailed with very kind words for County Line, and also to ask about the correct pronunciations of a few proper names.

First on the list was “Kadash.”

Good question.

Skin Kadash was named after a kid I knew when I played Little League. Which was, um, bloody hell how long ago was that? 37 years. What the hell?

Anyway, Scott Kadash was one of the stars on my team in Trotwood, Ohio circa 1975. (I was the kid who picked dandelions in right field.) Decades later, Scott remained memorable to me not only because he could hit and throw and field, but he also didn’t give me crap even though I completely and utterly sucked at baseball. So when I needed a name for a character, I thought of him and borrowed his last name.

My original plan for Skin Kadash was that he would be a supporting character who’d appear in a chapter or so of Lost Dog and then disappear. This was meant as no disrespect to Scott Kadash. My memories of him are positive, but there are larger figures in my life for whom I might have named what would become my central series character. But I didn’t yet know Skin would become my central series character. If I’d been planning ahead, I might have chosen something else, but maybe not. Kadash suits him. Scott, if you’re out there, I hope you’re not displeased.

Back to pronunciation. I have a memory of how Scott Kadash pronounced his name, so that’s how I hear it in my head. Turns out that may be the less common pronunciation. Folks I’ve chatted with about it are more likely to put the emphasis on the second syllable, or pronounce the first syllable with a short A.

So just to clear things up, I’ve attached a sound file of me saying Skin’s name. I guess this is official, though I admit I’d be curious to learn if I’m remembering it correctly from all those years ago in Little League with Scott.