Bouton Funerary Service

The oldest funeral services provider in Barlow County, we offer a range of services from traditional funerals and cremations to graveside service and green burials.



There is no one approach to planning a funeral, but a “traditional funeral service” is the most common approach. It includes preparation of the deceased for viewing at a family or public visitation. Following the visitation, a memorial service may be held, often at our funeral home’s chapel or in a church—though you may choose any location that holds personal significance to your or your loved ones. At the conclusion of the service the family typically follows the funeral coach in procession to the gravesite.


We work with Bluebunch Glen Memory Garden (located on the Palmer River between Samuelton and Wilton) for most traditional burials. A limited number of plots are also available at the Bouton Pioneer Cemetery on Shatter Hill. We are happy to work with you to select a location that is best for you.


We offer both traditional and immediate cremation at our Shatter Hill facility. Traditional cremation typically follows a public visitation and service, and may require embalming. Immediate service is an option for those not selecting a public visitation or requiring the presence of the body at the memorial service. Embalming is not necessary for those choosing immediate service.

Green Burial

Bluebunch Glen also has a natural burial garden, where bodies can be buried without a concrete vault or even a casket. Traditional grave markers are not used, though graves may have a flat, minimally finished granite marker engraved with the deceased name and epitaph. The natural garden overlooks the river, and offers a beautiful final resting place.


Bouton Funerary Service was founded in the 1870s by Eugène de Bouton, a master carpenter who came west on the Oregon Trail. In 1905, under the guidance of Eugène’s son Anton, E. de Bouton, Woodcrafter & Undertaker became Bouton Funerary Service.

The business has remained in the Bouton family throughout its history. The original funeral home on Shatter Hill was built in the 1890s and continues to host a few memorial events each year, though most funeral arrangement services are now provided at our Samuelton location.


Rémy Bouton

Owner, Licensed Funeral Services Practitioner
Descendent of the founder, Rémy has been involved in death care his entire life. Rémy acts as host for memorial events and helps make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Elodie Bouton

General Manager, Licensed Funeral Services Practitioner, Licensed Embalmer
Mrs. Bouton has been part of the family business since her marriage to Rémy Bouton in 1980. Though her focus at present is the overall management of Bouton Funerary Service, she is a skilled embalmer and licensed funeral services provider as well.

Wanda Iniguez

Licensed Death Care Consultant
Mrs. Iniguez is both office manager and funeral arrangements specialist. She will help you plan a fitting memorial for your loved one.

Carrie Dell

Licensed Embalmer
Ms. Dell is our lead embalmer and cosmetician, and can skillfully prepare your loved one for viewings and memorials.

Melisende Dulac

Apprentice Funeral Services Provider
The newest member of our staff, Ms. Dulac handles transport of remains and assists with services and activities at the funeral home. She intends to study mortuary sciences at Barlow County Community College so as to expand her skills and involvement at Bouton.

We are available in your time of need, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

– Bouton Funerary Service –

Our Facility

Our modern facility in Samuelton can host viewings and memorials of almost any size. All services (except cremations) are sensitively performed on-site by our experienced staff.

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