County Line

Photo Tour from Part Three

The QR Code at the beginning of Part Three in the first print edition of County Line leads to this photo gallery.

Ruby Jane's street

A row of dark windows runs between the roof line and the top of the door, too high to peep through.

Ruby Jane's door

I rap on her apartment door, too gently to be heard by anyone who isn’t alert for a knock.

Whiffies pie cart

We head past Whiffies, where I see Summer waving to me from inside the cart.


There are a pair of large canopies, one twice the size of the other, with picnic tables underneath.

Orcas Island ferry dock

A ferry is arriving. I can’t tell if it’s westbound or eastbound.

View from Orcas Island

A vista opens before us, a view of East Sound, sapphire blue and white-capped.


Ringo gazes at me through the fence.

Sun through the trees on Mount Tabor

We pull onto my street as the first limb of sunlight …

County Line

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