County Line

QR Codes

I have heard from folks who don’t have smart phones but are interested in learning what the QR codes in the print edition of the book are all about. I’ve also seen some talk online about a misperception that the QR codes lead to content which is critical to the story.

In fact, the QR Codes take you only to a some bonus material, much like DVD extras. There’s a deleted scene, a link to a suggested song playlist, some location photos, even some videos of me gabbing about characters.

Given both the interest and the confusion, I’ve listed all the linked QR destinations below. As you’ll see, none of this is required to “complete” the story (and I think it’s obvious why the deleted scene was, in fact, deleted). But perhaps it will be of some interest nonetheless.

Also by page (This one isn’t limited to QR only)

Part One, County Line Soundtrack

Part Two, Photos

Part Three, Photos

Page 401, thank you for reading

Page 402, a deleted scene

Page 406, character genesis essay

Page 409, videos of me yammering

Page 410, about me (also not limited to QR)

County Line

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