Key Places in the Fiction of Bill Cameron

The map below indicates some of the locations found in the books Lost Dog, Chasing Smoke, Day One, County Line, and Property of the State — as well as some of my short stories. Many of the locations are in the greater Portland, Oregon area, but the first map is zoomed out to show locations further afield. The second map includes only Portland area locations.

Click on any of the pointers in the maps to learn more about a specific location. Also, this is a work-in-progress, so I will be adding locations over time.

Because the Melisende Dulac stories, published under the name W.H. Cameron, take place in the fictional Barlow County, Oregon, they can’t be shown using Google Maps. However, in the future, look for maps of Barlow County and the towns of Samuelton and Crestview.

Map Key
pin-LostDog Lost Dog Chasing Smoke Location Chasing Smoke Day One Location Day One
County Line Location County Line Property of the State Location Property of the State Short Story Location Short Stories

Note: In general, the information provided avoids clear spoilers, but simply by learning of locations in some of the books before you read them, details about the stories may come through.

All Locations

(Zoom in on Portland to see locations there in detail, or refer to the Portland-only map below.)

Locations in the Portland Area Only

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