I am thrilled to report the Spotted Owl committee of the Friends of Mystery has selected County Line as Best Northwest Mystery for 2012. This fine organization is close to my heart and has been supportive of me from the beginning of my writing career. My first three books were all finalists for the Spotted Owl.

Of course, I have many people to thank for helping me get here.

First, of course, are my readers. You’ve been so wonderful.

My agent, the (not so) fearsome Shark Janet Reid, has supported me, chewed me out when I needed it, provided great notes, and continues to be simply fabulous.

Alison Jannsen Dasho has been my editor for three books (and also contributed greatly to what I hope will be my next book). Without Alison, Skin and Ruby Jane wouldn’t be who they are.

Ben LeRoy has also been my publisher the last three books, a fun guy, huge support, and all around mensch.

So many beta readers helped make County Line better. Key are the members of my critique group: Candace Clark, Andy Fort, Corissa Neufeldt, and Theresa Snyder. I also got great feedback from the amazing young adult author Courtney Summers, and from friends of and fab author Brett Battles.

For more on everyone who contributed to makes County Line possible, I point to the Acknowledgments.

Thanks so much to everyone.

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