In a city full of police controversies, hippie artist punk houses, and overzealous liberals, Portland Noir, edited by Kevin Sampsell, is a place where even its fiction blurs with its bizarre realities. In “Coffee, Black,” Skin Kadash investigates vandalism at a Portland coffee shop with the help of Ruby Jane, and finds more than he bargained for.

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From Akashic Books

Publishers Weekly says, “The home of Chuck Palahniuk, Powell’s City of Books—and the place with more strip clubs per capita than any other city in America—gets its due in this splendid entry in Akashic’s noir series.”

The Stories:

  • KAREN KARBO The Clown and Bard
  • ARIEL GORE Water under the Bridge
  • FLOYD SKLOOT Alzheimer’s Noir
  • DAN DEWEESE The Sleeper
  • JONATHAN SELWOOD The Wrong House
  • MONICA DRAKE Baby, I’m Here
  • BILL CAMERON Coffee, Black
  • JAMIE S. RICH & JOËLLE JONES Gone Doggy Gone
  • CHRIS A. BOLTON The Red Room
  • JUSTIN HOCKING Burnside Forever
  • ZOE TROPE Hummingbird
  • GIGI LITTLE Shanghaied
  • KIMBERLY WARNER-COHEN People Are Strange

Editor Kevin Sampsell is a bookstore employee and writer. He is the author of a short story collection, Creamy Bullets (Chiasmus Press), and the upcoming memoir The Suitcase (HarperPerennial, summer 2009). He is also the editor of The Insomniac Reader (Manic D Press) and the publisher of the micropress Future Tense Books.

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