Hey Nineteen

During one of her first solo body removal jobs as an apprentice mortician, Melisende Dulac discovers an old man’s sad end may not have been all that natural.

New edition of Killer Year

Nine years ago, as I was getting ready for the release of Lost Dog, I had the amazing privilege of joining a group of other writers who would debut in 2007. Together, we were the Killer Year. We had t-shirts, group events, a blog — and an anthology of short stories...

Heat Death in the Wild

At long last, Skin Kadash’s origin story “Heat Death” has been sighted in the wild. In this instance, the “wild” is defined as “my mail box,” wherein today I found both my subscription copy and author copies of the July/August 2015 issue of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery...

Privacy Fence

It’s not every day you encounter the phrase “bulldozer rampage.” But if there’s one thing the internet is good for, it’s providing news about people losing their shit in increasingly ridiculous ways. Seems yesterday a fellow bulldozed his way through three houses, all...
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