The Princess of Felony Flats

“The Princess of Felony Flats” is the story of a mysterious dwarf who makes a risky play for the statuesque consort of a drug kingpin in a hardboiled retelling of a classic fairy tale. Newly-released in a standalone edition, this 2011 Dagger Award nominee originally...

Diaries of Misspent Youth

Three stories of youthful indiscretions… In “Yo, Karl,” a young man’s dark reputation controls his fate. In “The Soul of the Sea” a boy walks a beach full of wonder and despair. In “Best Served Cold,” a grim choice in the heat...

A Tall House

Originally published in Spinetingler, December 2006, “A Tall House” is now part of PROTECTORS: Stories to Benefit PROTECT, edited by Thomas Pluck. Learn more about Protectors and order your copy for Kindle, Nook, and Kobos here.

The Soul of the Sea

“The Soul of the Sea” is a short story I wrote back in the 80s. It came to mind this morning in a Twitversation about Nancy Reagan and the things she scolded us about back in the day. Given that I took anything Nancy Reagan said as emitted from an Opposite...
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