Property of the State by Bill Cameron

Property of the State

Book One of The Legend of Joey

At times, we may all dream of escape. For Joey Getchie, that moment comes when a false accusation at school provokes a violent clash with his foster father. But on the run and in hiding, he finds out just how tough it can be to go it alone. Coming in June 2016 from The Poisoned Pencil.

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The Skin Kadash novels: Lost Dog, Chasing Smoke, Day One, and County Line.


Short Stuff

From youthful indiscretions to the best of intentions gone horribly awry, read tales in print or and ebook formats, including many for free.



Available from Audible, the complete collection of Skin Kadash novels, complete and unabridged, and beautifully narrated by Fred Berman.


About Bill Cameron

Bill CameronI’m the author of gritty mysteries featuring Skin Kadash. My short stories have appeared in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Portland Noir, First Thrills, Killer Year, and Murder at the Beach, among others. In 2012, my novel County Line received the Spotted Owl for Best Northwest Mystery. In 2016, look for Property of the State, a young adult mystery from The Poisoned Pencil.


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Design Hard to believe I’ve worked for upwards of 30 years in print and digital design. During that time, I’ve done both print design and web development, including product packaging, publications and catalogs, book design and layout, branding and logo design, and websites projects for individuals, small business and enterprises.



Planetary Update

A while back I posted about the Pluto Situation, and in that post I mentioned the then forthcoming New Horizons mission. Well, of course, New Horizons has completed its fly-by of the Pluto system, and as I think most of us hoped, we learned lots of amazing things...

Break Time

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed (been grateful) I’ve been a little quiet lately. Rather than posting nitwittery dozens of times per day, over the last couple of weeks my output has slowed to a trickle. In the days and weeks to follow, I’ll continue...

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